Manuscript Formatting

Quickly deliver a manuscript that is already in format of your target journal with Manuscript Formatting

Each journal follows its own style. Formatting of text and references to the specifications mentioned in author guideline can be frustrating and time-consuming. For this reason, we offer Formatting services for the whole manuscript and/or references only.

Reference Formatting

With Reference Formatting, our formatting experts will check the consistency of your references and modify your citations and references to agree with the guidelines of your target journal (pricing: 0.02 USD/word). Note: in this service we do not add any missing information, e.g., if the author list is incomplete or title is missing we will not add it. We will just mark the error for the author. If you want us to do that, this service must be couple with the next "Reference Verification" service.

Reference Verification

With Reference Verification, our experts will check the accuracy of your references with various online resources to check accuracy of author names, publication date, title, proper journal abbreviation, and volume and page number. We also add missing information in this service, if there is any, e.g., a missing title. In this service, formatting according to the target journal is not done, in such a case, this service must be coupled with the previous one "Reference Formatting" (pricing: 1 USD/reference or citation).

Complete Manuscript Formatting

With Complete Manuscript Formatting, our formatting experts will modify your page layout, text formatting, headings, title page, and figure and table placement, to meet the specifications of your target journal (pricing : 30 USD/manuscript) .

Submit a manuscript for this purpose via email only, with mentioning your exact requirement