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Proofreading In this service, we will look only for common errors. We do not rewrite anything to improve overall quality of the text. This service is useful only for native English writers, or for the text which is already well written. Charges are 0.02 USD/word and time taken is 1 day per 2000 words +2 to 3 days (See comparison below).

Regular Substantive Editing This is complete and exhaustive editing service. We take care of everything. This is useful for all writers especially non-native English writers. Charges are 0.02 USD/word and time taken is 1 day per 1000 words +3 to 5 days (See comparison below).

Express Substantive Editing This is expedited version of regular substantive editing service. Charges 0.04 USD/word. Time taken is 1 day for per 1000 words (See comparison below).

Discounts We may provide 5-20% discounts for non-funded projects, out of pocket payments, and work originating in third world countries. Please write for details. Once, accepting a discount you will allow us to mention on our website that this manuscript was edited by us.”

Mode of Payment We accept PayPal and all credit/debit cards as our standard payment method. Besides this, we can also accept paper checks, electronic checks, bank orders, electronic fund transfers, direct cash deposits, wire-transfers, and Western Union.
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Comparison of Services

Features Proofread Substantive
Typographical errors Yes Yes
Use of punctuation Yes Yes
Spelling Yes Yes
Correct use of words (e.g., than vs then) Yes Yes
Comments Yes Yes
Multiple suggestions No Yes
Agreement between verb and tense Yes Yes
Agreement between verb and noun Yes Yes
Change of voice (active<-> passive) No Yes
Condense sentence No Yes
Sentence structure (simple -> complex) No Yes
Style improvement No Yes
Sentence construction No Yes
Clarity of speech No Yes
Editing certificate No Yes
Recommended to Native English writer Non-Native English writer
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